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Arab info tech is recognized as one of the leading integrator in advanced security and safety systems and technologies.We provide comprehensive solutions covering products and services from a range of specialized companies and our employees have excellent professional background and expertise so is to help our customers to meet their requirements.

CCTV Camera

Supplying and installing of all kinds of CCTV Cameras like High Definition (H D) & IP. We provide mobile monitoring and CMS (Centralized Monitoring Systems ) of CCTV Camera

توريد وتركيب جميع أنواع كاميرات الدوائر التلفزيونية المغلقة مثل عاليه الوضوح (ح د) والملكية الفكرية. نحن نقدم رصد المحمول ونظام المراقبة الوظيفية (أنظمه الرصد المركزية) من كاميرا الدوائر التلفزيونية المغلقة

PBX Telephone

Supply and installation of  PBX (Central) Telephone system such as Analog, Digital & IP.

Access Control

Supply and Installation of all kinds of access control system. It is the regulated entry into or within premises , through controlling Doors, Barriers, Gates via key pad, finger, swipe card , token or face ID .